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Now Recruiting Musicians for

Awesome Art Jam

If you know me, you know that 1) when I set my mind to do things, I do them with all of my focus, heart, and talents, and 2) I'm good at getting gigs. So this is real.


I'm open to any instrument – anything at all. The only requirements are that you must be a very comfortable, creative improviser and be able to move back-and-forth between different styles of music. You should be trained and educated in music and be a good reader.


Sometimes we will read from charts and sometimes we'll create tunes together. We might jam on a Native chant followed by a funk bossa followed by a Bach prelude followed by a hymn followed by a jazz standard followed by a gospel blues followed by a TV theme. The material can be anything at all and can come from anywhere. I would love for musicians to contribute material although you do not have to do so.


I might place a piece of art (a painting or a sculpture) in front of us and say, "This is the chart." We can talk about ways to approach the creation of a piece of music from the inspiration of the visual arts. Or, I might bring in a poem or paragraph to use as inspiration.


What will the music sound like? I don't know exactly, and that will be exciting to discover. We will bring to it what we know. I'm trained in jazz and classical piano although I have experience with free improv and music of different cultures. It will likely be a mixture of tonal with atonal.


I want to surround myself with musicians who think this way. 


I am located in central New Jersey, but I am willing to travel for rehearsals.


These videos are to show that I am comfortable in a variety of situations.

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