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Recordings, compositions, and projects


Tara's grand prize-winning composition, "Song for Philip Guston," performed by Carl Patrick Bolleia at the New Jersey Arts Collective awards ceremony, Montclair Art Museum, 5/24/12. This composition was inspired by Philip Guston's 1979 painting 'Untitled #142'. It was required to be one minute or less. See Tara's compositional statement for the explanation of her approach.

"Brave Face," with lyrics culled from Jean Marie Whaley's Facebook posts, and music by Tara Buzash.

Vocals: Laura Cantwell

Piano, Tambourine: Tara Buzash

Bass: Paul Hofreiter

Percussion: Sebastian Guerrero

Violin: Larisa Epps

Viola: Heather Teffenhart

Cello: Elina Lang

Engineer: John Baker

Clips of Tara's church solos: new and cool settings of familiar words. Sheet music is available at !

Solo Piano Demo Recordings

August 2014

Vocals: Laura Cantwell, Ryan Guth, Sam Ward

Piano: Tara Buzash

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